Cellu•Lite Massage tips


Cellu•Lite Massage Cup

Our vacuum massage cup, comes in once size suitable for all body types. The cup works with negative pressure and is an ancient form of connective tissue massage that assist with improved lymph drainage, improved blood circulation and stretching the septa that ultimately causes the dreaded cellulite indentation.


Firstly, you need to apply sufficient product and/or oil on the area you will be massaging. This will allow the cup to glide. You then press the cup and place it on the skin, this draws a vacuum and lifts the skin.


Cellulite Massage cup step 1It is important to always work in an upward manner. Start furthest from the heart and glide the cup to the nearest lymph node (shown in the diagram below as 3 pink dots in the groin area). This will assist in removing toxins via the kidneys. If you are working on the legs, start at the knees and move upwards. Firstly, in straight lines, releasing pressure every time you reach the top and drawing a vacuum again as you start at the knee.


Cellulite Massage cup step 2
The second movement is similar to the first, however you need to curve your lines in order to release pressure in the groin area where the lymph nodes are. 




 Cellulite Massage cup step 3Thirdly, you need to work in a zig-zag movement over leg towards the groin.




Cellulite Massage cup step 4

Lastly, circular movements that ends in the groin area. For stubborn cellulite you can do circular movements until blood flow is stimulated in that area, or keep the cup stationary in a particular area for a few seconds. Remember to do the front and back of the leg following the same sequence.


Regular use of the massage cup has proven results in the improvement of visible cellulite 


The more you use the cup the easier it will become. You need to ensure that the vacuum you created is firm enough to keep the cup firmly on the body while you glide over the area. We recommend that you use the cups at least 3 times a week for about 3 minutes per area (as soon as the area turns red and starts to itch, you can move on to the next area). Once the appearance of cellulite reduced you can eventually maintain your cellulite free body by using the cups once a week.

Unfortunately, cellulite has the tendency to return, therefore a maintenance protocol of once a week will assist with a lasting result.