Out with the flip-flops and in with the fur boots. The cold season greets us once again with subtle winds and leaves all over the garden. You may find yourself applying an extra layer of Vaseline on your lips because the change in seasons is overwhelming your lips. While many do not enjoy layering up due to the coldness, others look forward to hiding their bodies as they get their summer bodies underway. While cellulite may be shared pain by over 90% of women, there are 4 grades of cellulite that we must be aware of to carry out the correct treatment. For some, they grapple with grade 3 cellulite, while for others, it's grade 0. What do these all mean?


As explained by a cellulite expert, it is a progressive degeneration of the subcutaneous tissue. In other words, the fat deposits that are pushed down the skin’s layer accumulate over time. Depending on the lymphatic drainage and blood circulation, the various grades are listed below. Knowing one's cellulite grade can help determine the appropriate treatment and duration thereof. While cellulite cannot be eradicated entirely, there is no better time to reduce its appearance during the autumn and winter season. So that when the warmer months come around, your body will be summer-ready for all those leg revealing dresses you’ve been saving for your best days. 


Cellulite Grades

Grade 0: This cellulite is invisible to the naked eye. 

Grade 1: Skin is smooth and flat when standing but gives the appearance of a textured orange peel when squeezed. Poor blood circulation or lymphatic drainage leads to a weakened subcutaneous layer of the skin. This leads to captured waste under the skin cells and connective tissues, resulting in cellulite.

Grade 2: Here, cellulite is visible when standing. This happens when the fat tissues start to enlarge due to the build-up of lymphatic fluids. The result of this is the fat tissues is pushed against the skin and reduces the ability of the connective tissue to stretch. It’s good to know that the septae (or connective band) causes the indentation that we see in young skin. It has the ability to stretch but loses its ability over time.

Grade 3: This is an advanced stage where the cellulite is visible when lying down. Due to the stagnation of the lymphatic drainage, the cellulite becomes more challenging and thicker. The skin around it is cold—the lack of circulation results in more prominent cellulite that is harder to flush out. 


This information is unknown sparse amongst the beauty community. Therefore, many women are not aware of their cellulite grade. This information is essential now. It assists with cellulite treatment, making it easier to manage by selecting a specially catered therapy for the stage. 


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